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Campaign Generator Quick Start Guide

The Campaign Generator tool allows you to quickly generate Brand, Category, Discovery, Competitor and bulk campaigns for apps. Keywords are automatically chosen for you by our Keyword Analysis technology, making campaign creation fast and easy.

Requirements Before Generating a Campaign

  • Ensure the Apple Search Ads (ASA) integration with Search Ads Maven is complete and has synced.

Campaign Generator

App Settings

NOTE: Default values are only needed for the locations you wish to target; you do not need to provide default values for all locations.

NOTE: This process can be repeated in the future for new locations you wish to target.

Add Automated Campaigns

NOTE: If you do not see expected campaign groups or apps listed, verify the appropriate ASA organization is integrated and has completed syncing with the most recent data.

Campaign Types

  • Brand — Brand keywords which are tightly coupled to your brand. Unlike other categories, these keywords are not automatically generated for you and you must supply these keywords later during the Add Keywords step.
  • Category — Category keywords are more generic keywords targeted at the overall store category of the app.
  • Discovery — Discovery keywords are primarily negative keywords (set to broad search) which do not appear in your other campaigns.
  • Competitor — Competitor keywords are based on the keywords of competitor apps. In order to produce the most relevant and cost effective keywords, you will be asked to provide certain thresholds for variables like organic rank, popularity, and total apps. We suggest you experiment with the Keyword Analysis tool separately to determine competitor values that work well for you. While you can adjust competitor thresholds to whatever you like, a suggested example is:
    • Organic Rank > 1
    • Popularity > 5
    • Total Apps > 100
  • Custom — This category allows you to create multiple campaigns quickly using your own keywords. Each campaign will be named based on the slug provided. You will enter keywords for each campaign later during the Add Keywords step.

Segmentation and Keyword

Select desired segmentation options for targeting your campaigns such as age, gender, location, and more.

NOTE: Segmentation choices will be reflected as separate adgroups within your campaigns.

NOTE: For the location chosen, you must have set default budget values for the app as described above in . If you have not done this yet, select Save as Draft and return to the App Settings section. This is necessary so that budget value can be set specific to this location.

NOTE: Keywords only need to be added for Brand and Custom campaigns, for all other campaign types Keywords do not need to be entered manually and will be added through our Keyword Analysis technology automatically.

  1. Select the desired Age Range(s).
  2. Select the desired Location(s).
  3. Select the desired Gender(s).
  4. Select the desired Customer Type(s).
  5. Select the desired Device(s).
  6. Click Next.
  7. Click + Add keywords manually.
  8. Enter the desired Keyword(s).
  9. Click Add.
  10. Click Apply.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Review the Total Summary.
  13. Click Save.

Wait for Sync

Following completion of the automated campaign configuration, the generated campaign card will appear in the Campaign Generator view. At this point, keywords will be generated (which may take a few minutes). Following completion of keyword generation you may view the generated keywords from the generated campaign card.

Campaigns are synced to Apple once per hour. This means that syncing is not immediate, but you can expect your generated campaigns to completely sync to Apple no later than one hour from the time of creation. Until this sync happens, the Creating campaigns step will remain grayed-out. Once sync to Apple fully completes, the progress indicator will read 100% and you will be able to access these generated campaigns within your Apple Search Ads dashboard and elsewhere in Search Ads Maven.

If a generated campaign fails to sync after more than an hour, remove and re-add your ASA integration, then wait at least one hour before checking for completion.

NOTE: Deleting a generated campaign card from the Campaign Generator view will not delete the underlying campaigns which were created. Once campaigns are generated they need to be managed just as any other campaigns from that point.

NOTE: The time shown for data sync is local time of the client (browser time). Reporting time is UTC in Search Ads Maven for all requests except for scheduled reports. For reporting, date range is received at backend as a UTC date and is converted to a timestamp subsequently. Search Ads Maven does not take user’s ASA timezone into account currently.

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Updated on June 9, 2023

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