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Using Keywords Quick Start Guide


The Keyword Analysis page provides the ability to view the keywords for your app(s), the data around any potential keywords you may wish to use, the keywords that your competitors are using, and the ability to view the keywords used by the top apps in a category. This tool can be very useful for locating and optimizing the keywords that will produce the best results for your app(s).

Adding Keywords

Keywords are used to move your app to the top of the results page within Apple Search Ads. Each Keyword has a bid amount and when a keyword is searched within Apple Search Ads, the keyword with the highest bid wins and the associated app is listed as the top app. Search Ads Maven provides several different ways to locate and add keywords to your apps.

Quick Add Keywords

  1. Select the Desired App.
  2. Click Quick Add Keywords.
  3. Select the desired Organic Rank.
  4. NOTE: The lower the organic rank, the better the keyword is performing (i.e., 1 is the best performing and 100 would be the poorest performing).

  5. Select the desired Popularity.
  6. NOTE: The higher the popularity score, the more the keyword has been used in campaigns (i.e., 1 means the keyword has not been used much and 100 means the keyword has been used a lot).

Quick Add Criteria

Competitor’s Keywords

One of the most powerful features of Search Ads Maven is the ability to view and bid on the keywords that your competitor’s are using.


  1. Log in to Search Ads Maven.
  2. Click Keyword Analysis > Suggested Competitors.
  3. Select the app that you wish to view direct competitors keywords for.
Keyword Analysis
Once an app has been selected, the direct competitor apps will be listed along with the associated rating, version, price and genre data.


  1. Locate the desire competitor and click on the app badge.
  2. NOTE: Once a app has been selected, you will be navigated to the Search By App page which will display the keywords for that app.

  3. Review and Locate the desired Keyword(s).
  4. Click .
  5. NOTE: If multiple keywords need to be added, use the Quick Add Keywords tool.

  6. Review the keywords settings.
  7. Click Run Ads.
  8. Select the desired Ad Group.
  9. Click Apply.
  10. Review the Keyword Settings.
  11. Click Apply.

AI Suggestions

Search Ads Maven provides the ability to use Artificial Intelligence to locate and keywords that you may not have considered but through the use of AI, useful keywords can be identified. Search Ads Maven AI examines the selected app and what is known of that app within the industry and using that knowledge provide high quality suggestions.

NOTE: It is important to understand that the keyword suggestions made by the AI are dynamic and changing/updating any of the settings may result in different keyword suggestions.

  1. Select the desired App.
  2. Select the desired AI Suggestions By:
    • Keyword(s)
    • App Features
    • Language and Country

    NOTE: Available options very depending on the AI Suggestions By selected.

  3. Select the Suggestion Options.
  4. Select the Correlation level.
  5. Click Suggest Keywords.
  6. Add the desired Keywords.
  7. NOTE: For more information on adding keywords, refer to the sections above.

Updated on September 6, 2023

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