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Automation Quick Start Guide


The Automation page is a powerful tool to create and edit rules which can send messages when a set criteria is met. The Automation page also provides a log displaying the various messages that have been sent based on the created rules.

Creating an Automation Condition

Note: Depending on the rule level selected, options will be different.

  1. Click Create Automation Rule.
  2. Select the Rule Level:
  3. Choose the From Selected:
  4. Select the item the rule will be associated with.
  5. Select the Field.
  6. Select the inequality (i.e., greater than, less than) or range.
  7. Enter the desired Value.

    Note: Multiple conditions may be added to the automation rule.


  9. Select the Matching Criteria.
  10. Select the timeframe for which the conditions will be checked for.
  11. Click >Step2.

Creating a Automation Action


  1. Select Email Notification action.
  2. Select the email address from the drop-down list.
  3. Click >Step 3.


  1. Select Slack Notification action.
  2. Select the desired Channel from the drop-down list.
  3. Click >Step 3.





Note: Multiple actions may be added to the automation rule.


  1. Select the desired Check Frequency.
  2. Enter the Rule Name.
  3. Click Create.


The Automation Logs provide a reference for the status of the automations that have been created and sent. Logs can be filtered to locate a specific log, or logs may be navigated through.


Updated on June 14, 2022

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