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Automation Quick Start Guide


The Automation page is a powerful tool to create and edit rules which can send messages when a set criteria is met. The Automation page also provides a log displaying the various messages that have been sent based on the created rules.

Creating an Automation Condition

Note: Depending on the rule level selected, options will be different.

  1. Click Create Automation Rule.
  2. Select the Rule Level:
  3. Click Choose.
  4. Select the Field.
  5. Select the inequality (i.e., greater than, less than) or range.
  6. Enter the desired Value.

    Note: Multiple conditions may be added to the automation rule.


  8. Select the Matching Criteria.
  9. Select the timeframe for which the conditions will be checked for.
  10. Click >Step2.

Creating a Automation Action


  1. Select Email Notification action.
  2. Select the email address from the drop-down list.
  3. Click >Step 3.


  1. Select Slack Notification action.
  2. Select the desired Channel from the drop-down list.
  3. Click >Step 3.





Note: Multiple actions may be added to the automation rule.


  1. Enter the Rule Name.
  2. Select the desired Check Frequency.
  3. Select the Date Range.
  4. Check Run Indefinitely. (Optional)
  5. Click Create.

Note: When Run Indefinitely is checked, the automation rule will continue to be applied at the selected interval and will remain in effect regardless of how many times it has run.


The Automation Logs provide a reference for the status of the automations that have been created and sent. Logs can be filtered to locate a specific log, or logs may be navigated through.


Updated on August 4, 2022

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