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Integration Quick Start Guide

Integrating with Search Ads Maven is easy and can be accomplished within a short amount of time. This document provides all of the information needed to integrate with Search Ads Maven, adding your team, as well as confirming your integration and verifying your data.




The integration page provides a singe location to integrate with Apple Search Ads, Communications services as well as Mobile Measurement Partners (upcoming).


  1. Log in to Search Ads Maven.
  2. Click Integrations.

Apple Search Ads

  1. Click + Add Integration.
  2. Click Apple Search Ads.
  3. Enter the desired Apple ID.
  4. Enter the associated Password.
  5. Note: A Two-Factor Authentication SMS message will be sent to the device listed on the Apple account.

  6. Enter the six-digit verification code.
  7. Once the correct six-digit verification code has been entered, you will be navigated to a permissions page.
  1. Check Account Read & Write.
  2. Click Grant Access.
  3. A Grant API Access pop-up window will appear, click Yes.



Integrating with Slack will enable you to receive notifications associated with the activity of your Search Ads Maven account.


Note: If your Slack app is managed, a request will need to be sent to the manager of the app in order to gain access.

  1. Click + Add Integration.
  2. Click Slack.
  3. In the upper right corner, select a Workspace.
  4. Enter a message to the app manager.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Slack Integration

Mobile Measurement Partners

Search Ads Maven provides an easy process for integrating with Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs). Below is a list of available integrations:

Support for other MMPs is coming soon.

Add Team Members

Team Members are a very important part of your integration. Adding additional team members allows them to view the data and update settings in the account. Team members can be easily added following the below process.


  1. Click Teams.
  2. Click + Add Member.
  3. Enter the desired email address of the team member.
  4. Click Add Member
Once a team member email address has been added, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you entered. The new team member will need to access their email address and accept the invitation.


Note: Until the team member has accepted the invitation, their status will remain in the “pending” status.


Team Members

Confirm the Apple Search Ads Integration

Once an integration with Apple Search Ads has been created, data will begin to populate within your Search Ads Maven account. The easiest location to verify that data is being sent to your account is within the Overview page.


  1. Click Overview.
  2. Note: Once an integration with Apple Search Ads has been created, data will begin to populate within the Search Ads Maven UI for the last day/week. Historical data that is older than the last 7 days will begin to be populated within approximately 24 hours after integration is complete.



  1. Check to verify that data has been populated into the various metrics displayed within the data cards.
  2. Note: Depending on the complexity of your account, only a small amount of data my be populated into your Search Ads Maven account. As long as data is present, regardless of the amount, the integration with Apple Search Ads has been completed successfully.

  3. If data is not present in the data cards, click Sync Latest Data. This will initiate the data ingestion.
Confirm Apple Search Ads Integration

NOTE: The time shown for data sync is local time of the client (browser time). Reporting time is UTC in Search Ads Maven for all requests except for scheduled reports. For reporting, date range is received at backend as a UTC date and is converted to a timestamp subsequently. Search Ads Maven does not take user’s ASA timezone into account currently.

Explore Your Data

Now that your Apple Search Ads data has been populated with Search Ads Maven, you are ready to explore your data.


  1. Click Ads Manager.

Note: Your data is automatically synced, but if you want to ensure you have the lasted data you can click Sync Latest Data.

Ads Manager
The Ads Manager page provides an easy location to explore your data to any degree you wish. The Ads Manger page has two main sections, the first is a graphic display and the second is a spreadsheet display. Each section has the ability to add or remove metrics, allowing the ability to view unique combinations of data to meet your needs.


  1. Select the desired Date Range.
  2. Select the desired Time Interval:
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
  3. Select the desired Graphic Datasets.
  4. Select the desired Spreadsheet Datasets.

Ads Manager Overview
You can select to view your data from an Account level, or view your data in more granular views such as the App level or Campaign level. The Ads Manager page also provides visualizations into your Ad Groups, Keywords, Creative Sets, Search Terms and any Negative Keywords that may be impacting your campaigns.


Located at the top of the screen, you can select from the following metrics:
  • Accounts
  • Apps
  • Campaigns
  • Ad Groups
  • Keywords
  • Creative Sets
  • Search Terms
  • Negative Keywords
Select Metrics

Keyword Analysis (Optional)

At this point, you are fully integrated and data is being populated within Search Ads Maven. The information within this section is not required, but it is recommended as a first step after integration to begin to understand and use the Keyword Analysis tool.


  1. Click Keyword Analysis.
  2. Select the category of Keywords you would like to analyze.
  3. Filter searches to locate particular keyword(s) used/suggestions.

    Note: Data may not be displayed in the Keyword Analysis page until an app is selected.


Once an app has been selected, a list of keywords that have been used in a campaign will be displayed along with the corresponding organic rank, popularity, and the total number of apps using that keyword. The Keyword Analysis page provides the ability to examine the keywords you have used as well as the keywords your competitors are using.
Keyword Analysis
Search By App — This section provides the ability to examine the current keywords being utilized within campaigns for your apps or a competitor’s app.
Search By Keyword — This section provides the ability to examine keywords and view the statistics associated with each specific keyword.
Suggested Competitors — This section provides the ability to examine the keywords that your competitors are using in their campaign and the success of those keywords.
Category Top Apps — This section provides the ability to search for apps by category as well as if those apps are free or paid. Clicking on the apps will provide the list of the keywords that app is using.


If you locate a keyword that you would like to utilize in a campaign, click on the , select the desired settings and click Run Ads.
Keyword Analysis Overview
Updated on January 12, 2023

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