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Integrate with Branch


The following document describes the procedure for integrating with Branch a Mobile Measurement Partner. Once you have integrated with Branch, Goals can be setup in order to view the associated metrics.

The full integration process involves completing steps both within Search Ads Maven and Branch. Once the steps below have been successfully completed, please contact your Branch representative for instructions on completing the integration within Branch.

Adding the Integration

Integrating with Branch is a very quick and simple process.


  1. Log in to Search Ads Maven.
  2. Click Integrations.


  1. Click on “+” next to Branch.
  2. A new pop-up box will be opened. Select the desired App.
  3. Click Integrate
  4. Copy the API key.
  5. Copy the App Store ID.
  6. Click Close.

It may take up to 24 hours for Search Ads Maven to recognize events that are being sent from Branch. It is also important that only events that are attributed to Apple Search Ads campaigns will be recognized.


  1. Log in to the Branch UI.
  2. Navigate to the Search Ads Maven partner page.
  3. Enter the App Store ID.
  4. Enter the Client Authentication Key.
  5. Click Save.


Branch User Interface


Creating Goals

Once the integration process has been completed in both Search Ads Maven and Branch, Goals may be setup to visualize the associated data.


  1. Log in to Search Ads Maven.
  2. Click Goals.
  3. Click Create Goal.




  1. Select an App.
  2. Select a Goal Type.
  3. Select the desired Event.
  4. Enter a Goal Name.
  5. Click Create.


Reviewing Goal Data

Once a Goal has been created and the data has begun to be sent to Search Ads Maven, you can review and compare the data within the Overview page. Within the Data Cards, the following options are available:

  • Goal Event Count
  • Cost Per Goal
  • Revenue Per Goal
  • Goal Revenue
  • Goal ROAS
  • ARPU
  • AMPU
Updated on January 11, 2023

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