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Goals Quick Start Guide


The Goals page provides a single location for the creation and management of your goals. Once goals have been created, they can be used on the overview page to view acquisition associated with your specific goals, or within the Automation Studio to create an advanced rule.

Create a Goal

  1. Log in to Search Ads Maven.
  2. Click Goals.
  3. Click Create Goal.
  4. Select the desired App.
  5. Select the Goal Type.
  6. Select the desired Event(s).
  7. Select the Limit Goal by Days Since Install.
  8. Enter a Goal Name.
  9. Click Create.

Locating and Managing Goals

Goals can be easily located using either the search field, search by app or by organizing goals by a desired column. A search field is provided for you to easily locate any of your goals by typing part of all of a goal or event name. You can also organize your goals by selecting to only display goals for specific apps.

Goals can also be organized by specific columns. Clicking on a column will organize all of the rules in either ascending or descending order. The following columns are available to organize your rules by:
  • Name
  • App
  • App ID
  • Type
  • Events
  • Created On
  • Created By


The action column provides the ability to edit or delete a desired goal.

WARNING: Deleting the goal will remove the goal and its associations to data.

Using Goals

Goals can be utilized in several locations throughout Search Ads Maven.

Overview Page

The Search Ads Maven overview page provides a single location to view a variety of data associated with your Apple Search campaigns. A drop-down menu which enables you to select the desired goal is provided. Once a goal has been selected, only the associated data will be displayed on the overview page. For more information on using the overview page, refer to our support documentation.

Automation Studio Advanced Rule

Goals can be used within the Automation Studio within the advanced rule creation process. Selecting a goal can further refine the data that is output by the rule. A drop-down menu which enables you to select the desired goal is provided. For more information on using an advanced rule, refer to our support documentation.



Updated on August 30, 2023

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